Why the use of social media?

Learning moments


Social media has a big impact on our lives. We can't go a day without checking our social media accounts. Whether it may be Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat and many more. But how does social media really affect us. Can we say it helps us for the good or worsens our actions? Everyone has a different point of view on the effect of social media but who is right? Can this generation be trusted to be on social media in the classrooms?

  2. At the university of Ottawa, we are offered a class called Advanced Theories of communication with professor Pierre Levy. Many will agree that he uses a very different method of learning in his classroom compared to other professor at the university. He likes to incorporate the use of social media during his lectures. More specifically the use of "live tweeting". The students are encouraged to tweet questions or comments they have during the lecture.
  3. If you compare professors across the country some are banning the use of any technology in their classrooms. For them, the use of social media during class will distract the student from learning the material. They would rather the student keep their focus where it is needed, on the lecture and not on twitter or any other social media.
  4. But who is right? Whose theory do we follow? We as humans claim we know everything... but is it true? Some might say we will die without knowing the truth others will claim they know everything cause we humans are the superior species. But what people fail to understand is that not everything has been proven and despite the fact that it's been proven not every one of us is the same. We are all different. Over the years we have developed our own learning strategy and our own methods in life.
  5. Prince Ea, is a devoted man in changing the world for the better. He uses inspiring content to get your attention on the world around you. He uses things you know but you maybe haven't put into perspective yet. He just uses our generation and what this world has come to in order to make you open your eyes. I chose to add this video below to help you understand that we are not all the same.
  7. The class Advanced Theories of Communication with Pierre Levy is a very interesting class. Some may say his material can't be applied in everyday life but others will say regardless it's still very interesting to know the background and where our communication came from and how it got formed.
  8. The class CMN 3109 at the University of Ottawa makes you realize you're not alone on this planet, there are many other species that also communicate and have their own signs and symbols. Obviously we don't all communicate the same way but who are we to judge other species method of communication. It's no secret we all communicate in different ways but who put us at the top of the food chain, who made us superiors to everyone else...