The good in social media

Storify booklet 2


  1. Welcome back fellow readers, if you are back it means I must of done something good the first time around... or you may just be forced to read my story. Either way, welcome and I hope you enjoy your read!
  2. To remind you a little a bit about the first story since after all we are but only humans and we tend to store the least important stuff far away in our memory. If you remember the first time around we talked about why the use of social media? We use social media in our class with professor Levy as a form of communication throught the entire class and obviously for question methods. But obviously not everyone is open to that idea. So I figured this time around why not take a different approach by showing you how we use social media and how it's helped us during class by incorporating what we've learned so far in CMN 3109. The power of language is a powerful thing when you use it to your avantage, Shall I demonstrate.
  3. As stated before language is a very powerful thing. With the use of language comes communication. There are different ways and tools to help you with making your communication meaningful and have an impact on your listeners or readers. During our Advances theories of communications class we learned about how "Rhetoric" is important. It's used as a medium for communication and it has the ability to give you a better impacting message. A leader can only be as good as his speech.
  4. During class, we learned about the four ways to a Rhetoric way. It has the ability to give you a very meaningful and impacting speech. Obviously, there are steps you need to take in order to be able to achieve an impacting message. In our CMN 3109 class we called it the 4 action/power steps. First we have the intention by planning a symbolic action. Then the construction of the message. Meaning to plan ideas. Then we have the move which is the speech itself as an act. Finally, we have the game which is the creation to a symbolic form of way.
  5. Along with those five strategies comes the three more very important ones. We called them the three dimensions of persuasive strategy. It starts with Lagos, where you need to have a good understanding meaning narrative manipulation. Second we have Ethos which will help create a sense of identify with your speaker so the image to manipulate. Finally, we have Pathos and that will allow you to share sentiments therefore emotional manipulation. I think this was a big hit during our lectures, since you can see how the students have learned and put in effort by tweeting about this. You may notice some odd pictures in there... let's just say we like to keep the class entertaining.
  6. All this has the ability to give you a meaningful and persuasive speech. Obviously, there are more steps you need to take in order to be able to achieve persuasiveness is a message. In our CMN 3109 class we called it the five steps to create a persuasive discourse. It starts with the invention which mean you need to find relatable ideas. Then we have the arrangement of a logical plan. Thirdly we have the style which you need to adapt based on your context. Then comes the use of your memory in which you need to memorize your text otherwise it won’t be impacting. After all, who would trust someone reading his cards? Finally, we have to be able to deliver the message by providing a scenery including attitude of course.