Duncan Fegredo: PROCESS 1

Comic pages are not born fully formed. These are the early stages of my work on Mike Mignola's Hellboy.


  1. Foreword about art tools... I'm forever being asked about the pens I use. Here's a secret... They are just pens! There is no such thing as a magic pen or pencil, I've looked, I know! Two artists using the same tools will get completely different results, that's the way it is. Find what feels right to you and just draw, if you don't like the result, try a different pen or just practice drawing more, there is no short cut.
    For the record I was was using Faber Castell Pitt  pens for the line work and the Pitt Brush pen for the brush work. Not that it matters at the layout stage, but I used the same tools for the finished art. Later pages I switched to a Pilot Pocket Brush pen, now I favour a Platinum Carbon Ink brush pen. Pencils were just pencils, any make, sometimes mechanical. For blue line pencils I use Col-Erase 20044 Blue.
    That's it, no more asking!