1. Cavaliers Indoor Percussion

  2. Originally founded as Green Thunder Percussion, this ensemble took to the WGI arena in 2015 for its inaugural year as Cavaliers Indoor Percussion. The Rosemont, Illinois-based group had its best finish ever last year, taking ninth place and WGI’s coveted “Fan-Favorite” award.
  3. Good morning! Happy Sunday to all! #HereWeGoAgain #Unhinged #cip2017 #GearUp
  4. 2017 production: “Unhinged”
  5. WGI Prelims performance: Thursday, April 20, 6:03 p.m. ET | Watch live

  6. Blue Knights

  7. A four-time WGI Percussion World Champion, Denver’s Blue Knights Percussion Ensemble finished last year’s campaign in 12th place after the group’s preliminary round of competition in the Independent World division.
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  9. 2017 production: “The Cave”
  10. WGI Prelims performance: Thursday, April 20, 7:06 p.m. ET | Watch live

  11. RCC Indoor Percussion

  12. RCC became a program under the umbrella of Blue Devils Performing Arts in 2015. Always near the top of the competitive pack, RCC has never placed lower than fourth at the WGI Championships, taking home the silver medal at last year’s event.
  13. Lot footage from WGI Western Championship Prelims! 🙏🏻🌸 #rccworld #systemblue #bdword #wgi #scpa #nataldrums #silenceoftheheavens @rccbass @systemblue1 @thebluedevils @nataldrumsofficial @scpainfo @wgisportofthearts
  14. 2017 production: “Silence of the Heaven”
  15. WGI Prelims performance: Thursday, April 20, 7:17 p.m. ET | Watch live

  16. OC Indoor

  17. Run as part of the Oregon Crusaders, OC Indoor took first place in the Independent A class at the 2009 WGI World Championships. Since then, the group has been classified as an Independent World ensemble and finished in 11th place as a WGI finalist in 2016.
  18. OCI Invitational always a blast! Happy Easter and see y'all in Dayton! #oci17 #aintthatamerica #wgi #nwapa #ourhouseisstillpink
  19. 2017 production: “Ain’t That America”
  20. WGI Prelims performance: Thursday, April 20, 10:12 p.m. ET | Watch live

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