Knicks Fan @DrewAustin and Knick @AmareIsreal Debate on Twitter

A heated Twitter debate between Knicks Fan @DrewAustin and @AmareIsreal. Drew Austin had a gripe with Amare Stoudemire attending the Heat vs. Celtics game as he felt it was disrespectful to Knicks fans and the rivalry.


  1. **I know I spelt Stoudemire wrong, in the URL, I just have no idea how to edit it in Storify once it is published.
  2. Below was the original tweet that went viral last night and was re-tweeted countless times.  Demonstrates that a large group of people had similar feeling as I did when we saw Amare Stoudamire sitting front row at the Miami Heat game.  
  3. The tweet above was what what I sent this morning, in which right after I started seeing DM responses from Amare Stoudamire.