Valley Imports Vacation Give-a-Way

by Jamie Offerdahl


  1. What would you be willing to do for a dream vacay to, let’s say… Las Vegas? What about Orlando? An Alaskan cruise? The Big Apple?! I know there’s a lot of things that I would do for a trip to Jamaica (and when I say a lot, I mean basically anything), but let's not get into that right now.

    Last year’s participants in the Valley Imports Vacation Give-a-Way were great sports and did some, well, sort of embarrassing things just to be entered into a drawing to win a trip of their choosing to one of the places previously mentioned. Well, what embarrassing things did they have to do, you ask? Let me tell you. One game that a few lucky contestants got to participate in included strapping a kleenex box full of golf balls to their back and jumping up and down in order to get said golf balls out of the box. Another included tying men's neck ties around their waist, being attached with more ties to a partner, and in the middle of the ties that attached them was a pedometer (a little dingy that keeps track of how many steps you’ve taken). Then they had to do whatever they could – shake it like a salt shaker, wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle, yeah – to get the highest number on the pedometer.

  2. Valley Imports Vacation Giveaway Game 2/4/12
  3. Other games included piling their already packed luggage as high as possible without falling, making giant paper airplanes, and a cup stacking competition (I agree, these are significantly less embarrassing than previously mentioned games, but hey – life isn’t always fair).
  4. Valley Imports Halfttime Game 2/25/12
  5. The lucky winner of the Valley Imports Vacation Give-a-Way was Tim Harris, the boyfriend of Dragon women’s basketball player Kaycee Charette. Wisely, Tim chose the vacation to Jamaica. No, he didn’t bring me with him, but it’s only because we don’t know each other and that might have been a little awkward. I’m sure you’re going crazy wondering who he chose to bring with him. If you guessed his mom – you’re incorrect. No, of course, being a wonderful (and most of all smart) boyfriend, he brought Kaycee with him. Now, instead of me rambling on about how great their vacation was, because well, I wasn’t there so I can only assume it was amazing, I’ll let you see their story through Kaycee’s pictures and Facebook and Twitter posts. Enjoy. 
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