Top Tweets From MLS2013

A selection of Tweets from the NI Medical Leadership Symposium on Friday 21 June at Titanic Belfast.

  1. We had a successful live tweet at MLS2013 with 51 participants, 686 tweets and 291,481 impressions.  You'll find a selection of the tweets below.
  2. In order to promote the live tweet we had the hashtag on the filler slides between speakers and we invited people to live tweet during the welcome and introduction.
  3. Quite impressed that they've asked to us to live tweet throughout the day #MLS13
  4. Heather Moorhead and I welcoming delegates to MLS2013.
  5. First up was Pamela McCreedy, Director of TYC at the HSC Board giving an update on TYC and talking about the role medical leaders have in delivering the change.  Her talk prompted a lot of tweeting.
  6. Excited to be at #mls13 today to talk about medical leadership - a vital ingredient in leading change
  7. Panela McCreedy to speak on turning visions into action #mls13
  8. Pamela mccreedy now at the podium to talk about tyc and the role of medical leaders #mls13
  9. @PamelaMcCreedy outlining TYC journey at @medleadsymp to kick things off! @profchrisham "is there a burning platform for change?" #mls13
  10. Richard picks up some key themes of TYC.
  11. Transforming your Care - "Promoting good health decisions, preventing ill health, achieve better outcomes, enabling people" #mls13
  12. Pamela starts by explaining the ethos of TYC - transforming health and social care - not making cuts.
  13. The much talked about 'shift left'.  Home as the hub of care and bringing the care closer to home.
  14. Levette Lamb, Patient Safety Advisor at the HSC Safety Forum using the hashtag on Twitter to promote their QI workshop.
  15. #mls13 come and join us at our QI workshop in Titanic Belfast
  16. Pamela McCreedy asks "where are the unidentified unmet needs?" #mls13
  17. The TYC case for change reverberates with the audience.
  18. If we don't change, we have significant pressure on our system #mls13
  19. Transforming Your Care "there is no plan B" We need to make this work #mls13
  20. Pamela mccreedy: this is our best attempt at a model of service delivery that will work #mls13
  21. Adam reminds us that we'll all be older some day and that we'll probably need some kind of health or social care, and that we'll probably want it as close to home as possible.
  22. Absolutely agree that we need care in the community - I want to be in the community when I'm 80! #mls13
  23. Pamela reminds us that our small size in NI is a strength.  We can innovate and scale up more easily and we can communicate more easily because we all know each other.
  24. Pamela mccreedy: vision to action not easy but our size is a strengh in ni. We all know each other #mls13
  25. Pamela acknowledges that change is difficult and sometimes uncomfortable for the people affected - so we need to remember we're dealing with real people and make the change responsibly.
  26. Prevention, sustainability, resilience - some key aspects of delivery of modern medical services. Pamela McCreedy at #mls13
  27. Services being safe is a given requirement for everyone in the room #mls13
  28. Heather tweets a reminder that the 'health service' cannot go all the way to improving health outcomes.  We need a joined up approach involving environment, education, employment and housing.
  29. "More joined up government to tackle health inequalities" #mls13
  30. Pamela McCreedy introduces a new term - "shift left left" to characterise the need for joined up thinking on improving health outcomes.
  31. "As well as shift left-we need shift left left.joined up government tackling issuers that are wider than health..." @TYCConsultation #mls13
  32. Richard tweets an important point on the need for collaboration and partnership working with the voluntary and community sector in order for TYC to be successful.
  33. HSC Collaboration with voluntary + community sector will need to exist for TYC to work. Need to find good negotiators for this! #mls13
  34. Key areas of vision to action - look at supporting and enabling carers #mls13
  35. Heather identifies the clear case for change outlined by Pamela McCreedy and makes the important observation that delivering the TYC vision will be the key driver of our work over the next decade.
  36. Clear case for change - this should drive our work into the next decade #mls13
  37. @PamelaMcCreedy do we have a choice to remain static?If we don't change - Our system will not remain sustainable. #mls13
  38. Doctors often have innovative ideas but don't know how to take them forward or they feel constrained and disheartened by the bureaucracy of the systems they work in. 
  39. @qubhealthleader: Doctors have difficulty in knowing how to take their ideas forward. The innovation cycle is quite long #mls13
  40. How can drs be supported to take innovative ideas forward? #mls13
  41. Always nice to receive some positive feedback.  Chairing a conference is harder than it looks.
  42. The knowledge network sounds like a positive and useful initiative.
  43. HSC 'Knowledge network' in development to allow sharing of good practice. #tycconsultation #mls13
  44. Live tweets are a great way to share resources and information at a conference.
  45. Regarding innovation in healthcare technology, Northern Ireland has a Health Hack forum mls13
  46. Want an article about Lean methodology in clinical practice? Here's a good artilce shared today at #mls13 shleadership
  47. This M&M PDSA game looks good.  Lucky I wasn't there - I would be prone to testing the quality of the M&Ms - by eating them!
  48. @lavery_gg: #mls13 teaching PDSA-M&M challenge. One team successful on 3rd cycle. All teams improved score each PDSA
    @lavery_gg: #mls13 teaching PDSA-M&M challenge. One team successful on 3rd cycle. All teams improved score each PDSA
  49. An important reminder to stay focused on patients.
  50. A junior doctor reminds us all "the care of the patient is our first concern". In times of change, we must set our moral compass. #mls13
  51. HSC leaders must keep the patient at the centre of all decisions #mls13
  52. The care of a patient should ALWAYS be our first concern!! #mls13
  53. A reminder that targets are not all bad.
  54. Somewhere the aims of targets were poorly communicated and got a bad name as 'political' somewhere along the way #mls13
  55. Some tweets from the workshop on "An Introduction to Lean Principles and Methodology for Doctors".
  56. Lean is both a toolkit and a philosophy to streamline processes #mls13
  57. The ultimate focus however of any project should be for the patient #mls13
  58. Surpisingly no physician per se has approached the HSC Leadership centre with a potential project to apply lean methodology #mls13
  59. Capacity building leads to empowerment, energy to vitalise, and continuous use of tools provided #mls13
  60. The lean workshop went down well.
  61. @DrStevenKinnear please make lean methodology a 'vital ingredient' for next year's symposium! I have been inspired! #mls13
  62. The afternoon panel discussion on growing medical leadership capacity prompted some lively discussion with the audience.
  63. @ThankYouNHS: Management is not the same as LEADERSHIP. True leaders are the key to #NHS success.” Very pertanent #mls13 #QI #Leadership
  64. I believe that "a person in a leadership position" and "a leader" are not always the same thing.  Leaders have followers, and when times get tough people need leadership.  If you want to see who the leader is - look to see who people are following.
  65. You recognise the leader by seeing who people are following, not who has the titl @DrStevenKinnear #mls13
  66. #mls13 question to the floor is medical leadership an optional extra or a vital ingredient
  67. Need to encourage doctors to come forward and allow them to develop leadership skills, help them balance clinical responsibilities #mls13
  68. #mls13. Improving medical leadership capacity? Improve transparency, place value on role modelling and mentorship - this will effect change
  69. @silv24 @drmarknewbold and I were citing you as an example of leadership at #mls13 regarding your defence of #lcp
  70. Dr darragh: no better time for people to take on roles in medical leadership #mls13
  71. This next tweet reminds me of a quote from Colin Powell - "The Commander in the field is always right and the rear echelons are wrong.  Unless proven otherwise."
  72. People on front line need to be listened to #mls13 #medicalleadership without that experience its just a talking shop #takethatchance
  73. #mls13 The best leaders challenge the process, inspire a shared vision, enable others to act, model the way, and encouraging the heart#mls13
  74. A man is but the product of his thoughts, what he thinks, he becomes-Mohandas Gandhi (World Leader) #mls13 @medleadsymp
  75. Dr Darragh BMA do we need to make PAs available for medical leadership #mls13
  76. As the Symposium drew to a close it was nice to get some real-time feedback from delegates via Twitter.
  77. Really enjoyed the conference Stephen. Lean and quality improvement particularly good. #mls13
  78. #mls13 Congrats @DrStevenKinnear on a very successful conference - sorry to have missed the afternoon session.
  79. Great day!! Listened to some inspirational speakers today! Food for thought. #mls13    #qhlf @qubhealthleader
    Great day!! Listened to some inspirational speakers today! Food for thought. #mls13 #qhlf @qubhealthleader
  80. Well done to @DrStevenKinnear on organising the excellent @medleadsymp NI Medical Leadership Symposium 2013 #mls13
  81. Congrats to @DrStevenKinnear for organising a great conference yesterday #mls13 - a great demonstration of leadership in action