NIECR Functionality & Capability Awareness Session

A summary of live tweets from the above event demonstrating not only some highlights from the event, but also the power of Twitter to open up the conversation, connect people and get things done.

  1. It's a good idea to explain where you are or what event you're attending if you're about to live tweet.  This helps followers put your subsequent tweets in context.  Note my deliberate mistake in the first few tweets - forgot the hashtag!
  2. At an awareness session to learn about the functionality of the NI Electronic Care Record.
  3. ECR is a landmark project.
  4. ECR is first time we've had a database that is fed by almost every major system in NI.
  5. The ECR can send a message to community care teams so they don't make an unnecessary visit if a patient has been admitted to hopsital.
  6. ECR could send an automatic text message to patient's community carers on admission so they know not to visit that day! Simple but helpful.
  7. I was very impressed with the ability to e-sign lab and radiology results directly in the ECR.  That's something we can't do on the current hospital lab system, but it makes sense that if we check the labs electronically, we should be able to sign them electronically at the same time.
  8. Love the ability to e-sign results and leave comments. Can't do that on normal lab system in hosp.
  9. The messaging function is important because it means patient information is transmitted within the secure network.  It should greatly facilitate clinicians when discussing patients with colleagues in other departments and on other sites.
  10. Messaging function within system provides a secure means of transmitting patient information #niecr
  11. I've been to a number of meetings and events recently with HSC colleagues and I'm impressed with the energy and enthusiasm they have.  There is a genuine will and belief that we can transform the HSC into something even better for our patients and service users.  It's really fantastic to see, and this meeting was no exception.  Those present were full of ideas and a 'can-do' attitude.
  12. Great energy in the room for how we can maximise #niecr functionality to improve safety, quality and patient experience. I'm excited!
  13. Interesting statistic - sounds like multiple paper medication records have had their day.
  14. One audit in NZ showed 70% of paper drug charts had at least one medication error #niecr
  15. Another very helpful feature to help clinicians prescribe safely and efficiently.  This will save many hours searching for and searching in paper copies of the BNF!
  16. BNF &/or local formulary can be loaded into ECR and meds selected by search or free text entry #niecr
  17. The house officers who spend so much of their time completing discharge letters are going to love this.  It helps to make more efficient use of doctors' time.
  18. Medicines reconciliation function can automatically generate a patient medication card on discharge #niecr
  19. I find medication reconciliation and tracking peoples medication history to be mind-boggling at times so this simple feature sounds great.  I'm sure our GP colleagues in the community will love it too!
  20. Electronic discharge summary - stopped drugs highlighted red and started ones green. Simple but very effective. #niecr
  21. The power of live tweeting - Dr Shane McKee from Belfast Trust is able to join in the discussion.
  22. @DrStevenKinnear what's your role in #niecr? I'm NIECR Clinical Lead for Belfast Trust. It's brilliant!
  23. The electronic discharge letter is with the GP in seconds whereas some of the GPs in the room told us about seeing patients days after admission and they still hadn't received the discharge letter.
  24. Discharge summary transmission to GP is instantaneous in practical terms. #niecr
  25. On our current lab system you have to request trend data.  ECR will display this as default, helping to put the current results into context.
  26. Love the way lab tab shows trend as default along with comments of those who checked prev results #niecr
  27. Again - the power of Twitter.  Dr Nigel Hart, a GP in Crossgar, joins the discussion and likes the sound of the colour-coding of started and stopped medications on the discharge summary.
  28. The BSO NIECR Team in the room were telling us about the number of early adopter practices signed up already and asked us to spread the word to other practices that might like to sign up.  I was able to put this to Dr Nigel Hart immediately on Twitter.
  29. He was a bit confused at first.
  30. @DrStevenKinnear @shanemuk eh..! 'They' came over a year ago and did something on our computers and were never heard of since
  31. I went back and discussed his response with the NIECR team and it seems he may have been included in a project related to electronic discharge only.  So I asked him if this was the case.
  32. And it was.....
  33. Dr Shane McKee then offered to help get Dr Nigel Hart signed up - you've got to love Twitter and healthcare social media for this kind of open dialogue!
  34. @nigelhart @DrStevenKinnear oncerto and log in w your consolidated server ID… -we can get you connected - email me!
  35. However, there was a glitch as Dr Hart wasn't able to access the portal directly from his practice network so I fed this back to the NIECR team who said they would contact Dr Hart by email to sign him up.
  36. @nigelhart Guy in #niecr team said he would email you re early adopter GP practices. @shanemuk
  37. Another member of the NIECR team explained what the problem was and shared an email address Dr Hart could use to contact the team and get signed up.
  38. @shanemuk @nigelhart @DrStevenKinnear link is https & only accessible on HSC network, email Shane or & we'll get you sorted
  39. Dr Hart says thanks and confirms he'll contact the NIECR team by email to get signed up.  Could we have our first Twitter recruitment of an early adopter GP Practice to the NIECR project?
  40. Ella from the NIECR team is pleased with this and comments on the support and enthusiasm for ECR from both clinicians and patients.
  41. @DrStevenKinnear @nigelhart @shanemuk Excellent! Great project with such support and enthusiasm from clinicians & patients #niecr
  42. Dr Shane McKee comments that the system is so helpful to clinicians and 'sells itself'.
  43. Ella agrees and expresses optimism and hope for where clinicians and users will take ECR beyond the core functionality.
  44. @shanemuk def knocking at open door, looking forward to seeing where you all take us beyond 'the core' #niecr @DrStevenKinnear @nigelhart
  45. A great example of a great event made better by opening up the dialogue on Twitter.  Give it a try. #hcsm