Stranded Down Under: Are Fossil Fuels bankrupting Australia?

In March 2014, Ben Caldecott of the University of Oxford has been visiting Australia, discussing the risk of fossil fuel investments in coal, oil, and gas becoming 'stranded assets'. This is part of a larger discussion about the carbon bubble and fossil fuel divestment.


  1. Miners target funds to spread the message on coal

  2. Mining giants are targeting Australia's most influential superannuation funds to convince them that coal is here to stay in a dramatic escalation of a strike against environmentalists campaigning for the divestment of fossil fuel assets.

    The Australian can reveal that the Minerals Council of Australia -- whose members include BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto and Glencore -- has been pitching the case for coal to more than 1000 powerbrokers at big investors....

    This week, the director of Oxford University's Stranded Assets Program, Ben Caldecott, starts a speaking tour in Australia

  3. ANU Crawford School talk