Scrape your face for SCIENCE

#Scio13 participants respond with ENTHUSIASM to our new #citizenscience project studying the evolution and biodiversity of Demodex face mites. More coming soon on our website but in the mean time, you can re-live the event in all of its glory below!


  1. We've actually been thinking about face mites for awhile - Our pal Ed Yong wrote a nice piece a few months back:
  2. We started practicing our collecting techniques:
  3. Some people, naturally, can be a little squeamish about the process.
  4. We figured if anyone would be game for a little #citizenscience involving face mites, it would be the #scio13 crowd - After all, they let us swab their belly buttons in 2011, their armpits in 2012, why NOT face mites in 2013?!
  5. And the crowds came:
  6. At first, a handful of enthusiastic entomologists....
  7. 2+ hours later, we had lines out the door - 48 people volunteered their pores (and the mites within) for science!