Texas Governor Rick Perry's Special Prosecutor Michael McCrum Aims to Correct Injustices in the Dr. Calvin Day Case

Dr. Calvin Day's Case Draws Special Attention From Texas Special Prosecutor Michael McCrum


  1.    Dr. Calvin Day is  among  the many  Texans paying attention to attorney Michael McCrum.  Dr. Day is especially attentive because McCrum continues making headlines – for being the defense attorney in Day's high profile case, in addition to the special prosecutor who's responsible for the grand jury indictment of Texas Governor Rick Perry.
  2. Numerous problems with Day’s original prosecution included alleged misconduct by the Bexar County District Attorney's Office wherein Dr. Day's attorneys were threatened during the middle of the trial by the First Assistant DA with a witness tampering investigation. After two months it was revealed that there never was a witness tampering investigation. The First Assistant DA apparently lied, and apparently his threat was a malicious ruse, an underhanded attempt to win the case outright. This revelation of apparent prosecution misconduct by the First Assistant DA, among others, led to a mistrial being declared, thanks to the hard work of Michael McCrum.
  3. A San Antonio Express-News article published 6/10/13 about the case called attention to another apparent instance of prosecution misconduct, “Defense attorneys for Dr. Calvin Day immediately asked for a mistrial during the hearing, which was held outside the presence of jurors. They argued that prosecutors ignored requirements to notify them before the trial began that a deal had been struck with the accuser not to charge her [with perjury].”
  4. Additionally, other inaccuracies in the case have recently presented themselves. A false arrest affidavit further convoluted the prosecution’s case against Day. Paul Brown from the political website Opposing Views spoke candidly about the glaring evidence problems in the case. Most notable of these problems were pictures of the doctor’s genitalia in the flaccid state being compared to a the accuser's sketch of genitalia in the erect state. This ill-founded comparison by the police detective is what led to the false arrest affidavit being filed in the first place.
  5. As Brown discussed, “…despite the fact that the affidavit used to arrest Dr. Day was false, the Bexar County District Attorney's office went ahead with the case, completely ignoring the false grounds on which the well-respected dermatologist was arrested, especially considering that this is a he-said-she-said case with no witnesses, no DNA evidence, and wherein Dr. Day voluntarily took and passed a polygraph.”
  6. From a legal standpoint, the omissions and problems in this case have cast considerable doubt over the DA office’s true intention. As Brown reiterated, “This begs the question: Why would the DA's office pursue a case that's predicated on a false affidavit, instead of investigating perjury charges against the original accuser and the detective?”
    It’s because of these case-related problems that Dr. Calvin Day feels fortunate he has Attorney McCrum on his side.
  7. According to Day, the recent press for Michael McCrum is no accident. He’s a highly committed attorney who prioritizes his clients no matter the size or scope of the case. In Dr. Calvin Day’s words, “Michael McCrum has done nothing but work his tail off on my case. His dedication to his craft is something to marvel at, and it is something I am and will be eternally grateful for.”
  8. Dr. Day continued by saying he needed the help of a high profile attorney like McCrum to bring him a fighting chance in court. The press surrounding his case had already shed a negative light around him – before he made it into the courtroom.
    "I was arrested and then held at the police station until all of the local news station cameras were in place. I was then paraded in front of the television cameras in handcuffs for 900,000 viewers, creating a presumption of guilt in their minds,” Dr. Day stated. “Then the police and news spokespersons made ‘presumption of guilt’ solicitations to ‘other women.’ Of course, I had not assaulted the woman that fabricated the initial allegation, nor had I assaulted any other women, but the police and news media made it sound as if I had.”
  9. By gaining the services of Michael McCrum, Dr. Calvin Day remains confident he will be fairly represented within a courtroom setting. “Well Michael McCrum is much like a championship winning football coach,” Dr. Day reiterated. "He is very much in command of all facets of the case. McCrum is fearless in his quest to correct injustices. He's not afraid to go to trial and he is not adverse to issuing subpoenas, and his many years experience as a prosecutor taught him to go on the offensive when he has a case like mine where the preponderance of the evidence is on our side.”
    McCrum Making Headlines Across Texas
  10. In addition to the recent news related to Dr. Calvin Day, McCrum has also continued making headlines related to the indictment of Texas Governor Rick Perry. According to the Washington Post, McCrum leads the special prosecution team in filing charges against Governor Rick Perry – a historic filing that hasn’t occurred in nearly 100 years. The allegations claim that Perry abused his powers by making threats to veto state funding for investigations into political corruption by politicians. The investigation showed strong enough evidence to indict Perry with interfering against the public interest and working to cover up potential state abuses and scandals.
  11. As the Post article described, attorney Michael McCrum “spent months calling witnesses and presenting evidence that Perry broke the law when he promised publicly to nix $7.5 million over two years for the public integrity unit run by the office of Travis County Democratic District Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg. Lehmberg was convicted of drunken driving, but refused Perry’s calls to resign.”
  12. Calvin Day the New Primary Focus For Attorney McCrum.
  13. Michael McCrum’s portfolio of cases demonstrates his competence as a high profile legal professional. However, it’s his focus on identifying and pursuing justice that distinguishes him as a top attorney. And with complicated and legally complex cases such as Dr. Calvin Day’s current situation, McCrum has his sight set on correcting the injustices and setting Dr. Day free so that he can once again resume his war on skin cancer.