For the Love of Google

This module has a variety of resources for all things Google!


  1. I would first like to begin by saying that this blog can be slightly overwhelming at first, but after exploring its plethora of information it becomes pretty navitable. I really admire how the author of this blog, Kasey Bell, emphasizes that Google classroom and all of its many apps are not just a tool to play on, but rather a way to push the dynamic of learning. It is all about the learning. Bell offers a large variety of information to choose from when learning about ways to use google suite to an advantage in your classroom, and she also teaches online courses on how to do so. Bell also goes over the ISTE standards for students, which include the following: empowered learning, digital citizen, knowledge constructor, innovative designer, computational thinker, creative communicator, and global collaborator. Bell has a ton of posts to read with categories and tags that include information on free resources for teachers, apps, edtech, books, cheat sheets, Overall, this blog is extremely informative and highly recommended to check out.