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The time an anti-Atheism+ troll failed a Turing Test for three days

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  1. I've been having some back-and-forth with a charming Twitterer called @atheismpluscrap for a few days now. It's a troll of the old-school, enamored with four-letter words and insults, arguing disingenuously, and steeped in Dunning-Kruger. The account is so over-the-top with hypocrisy and inanity that many have wondered if it's a parody or a bot, or something. I doubt it, but the train of thought led to this tweet on Monday night...
  2. So I remembered back to my days on AOL Instant Messenger, and the chatbots that would crop up now and again. I remembered discovering the God one some time ago, and having a bit of fun with it. So I looked up ELIZA, a chatbot programmed in 1966 to imitate a Rogerian psychotherapist. Here's the site I ended up using for most of these (I also used an iOS app for a couple on Friday):
  3. From that point on, I decided to run all of @atheismpluscrap's tweets at me through ELIZA, and respond with whatever she had to say. Would the Twitter troll twig to the fact that they were talking to a robot?
  4. It's a marked change from the heated back-and-forth we'd been having the previous day, but @DiscountDeity chimed in to ask the question that others asked: is this account for real?
  5. I don't think it matters. It doesn't matter whether or not you're trying for irony when you're calling people "fuckt*rd" and "c*nt." Ironic bigotry is still bigotry.
  6. @atheismpluscrap took this as some sort of victory. @atheismpluscrap thinks it's meaningful to fiddle with the numbers of people's tweets, followers, and following counts. Take from that what you will.

    Anyway, I ran that through ELIZA too.
  7. I decided to poke the beehive on Tuesday when I saw @atheismpluscrap active again. To be honest, I figured they had gotten wise to the ELIZA thing. Boy, was I surprised.