Evaluating Online Behaviors: A Visitors and Residents Approach

Storify of the Tweets that came out of our joint Jisc/OCLC webinar about the #VandR project with @daveowhite, @DonnaLanclos, and @LynnConnaway, moderated by @LorcanD


  1. Storifying events is interesting, because of course the tweets are only artifacts of interactions, and collectively they can only give a sketch of what happened.  They may well be more meaningful to people who attended the event in real-time.  But since I do a combination of note-taking and interaction on Twitter during conferences and webinars in particular, I find post-event Storyifying to be useful, if only to myself.  I've already blogged about my bit here:  

    So here's the Storify of most of the tweets I could find about our #vandr webinar yesterday.  The entire recording will be available soon for those who just can't bear to only see the sketch.

    The session was hosted by Jisc and OCLC, facilitated by Netskills (in particular by Steve Boneham), and presented by myself, Dave White, and Lynn Connaway.  Once Lorcan introduced us, Lynn introduced the project, laying out our methods and rationales.  
  2. Lynn handed it over to me, and I started by pulling out some of the themes from the InfoKit, and went on to talk about the situation of graduate students.
  3. Dave addressed the practical implications of the mapping process, pointing to institutional places where the mapping is being used to think about and change current practices.
  4. And then we got to make sure we addressed the questions that had been coming through the chat box.  If you are inspired to watch the recording, you will also get to see the chat that took place while we were talking.  You will also see that is where Dave and Lynn did most of their typing, which explains some (but not all) of their relative absence on Twitter during the webinar.  It's also possible that I just have a problem.