#entangledtech #AAA2013

Roundtable about entanglements with technology in higher education, with @aasher, @mauraweb, @lesleygourlay, @lmjahnke, and Mariana Regalado


  1. Turns out that I was the only one who said "Digital Natives," but the
    drugstore I went to before the session had no bourbon for sale, 
    so there were no shots taken.   That's 10.15 AM, by the way.
  2. The link to our roundtable Prezi is 


  3. I have blogged about the Visitors and Residents project before, as has
  4. I think Andrew's work on search is tremendously important, in part 
    because searching for information is such a taken-for-granted part of
    how we live our lives, and the mechanisms that facilitate those 
    searches are largely invisible.
  5. Maura and Mariana do deeply descriptive work on the lives of CUNY
    students and how the contexts they find themselves in shape their
    scholarly practices in (to some educators and academics) unexpected 
  6. Lesley's work with post-graduate students at the Institute of Education 
    at the University of London shares many methods with myself, Andrew,
    Maura and Mariana, and the images and descriptions she shared of
    student habits, cognitive maps, and workspaces were utterly familiar.

  7. Lori's work on IT and University strategic plans, and in particular the 
    text mining of these plans en masse to reveal the disconnect between
    institutional priorities and the everyday lives (and priorities) of the 
    people within those institutions was striking and a very important 
    piece of big-picture context for our panel.