Great Ways To Use Social Profiles To Build Quality Links


  1. You want quality links and the best way to do so is via social profiles. Here are the top ways to do just that.
  2. Use An Executive Profile For Outreaching
  3. Most internet users ignore requests and messages from brands on social media sites. This is because so many brands do this.
  4. Some digital marketing teams will use executive's personal profiles and they will build connections or add friends. They might also get in touch with existing contacts. Doing these things allow executives to get to know other professionals in their industry and this can lead to a strong relationship.
  5. However, if an executive doesn't know what messages were sent, then this may paint them in a bad light. For example, if the executive talks to a person on the phone or email and they don't know what the connection is talking about, even though the executive's profile interacted with them, then this just looks bad for the executive.
  6. Use Forum Profiles To Cultivate Relationships With Technical People
  7. A lot of people use LinkedIn, Facebook and other basic social networking sites. There are niche network sites and forums thatcan be used by those looking to develop relationships with professionals in certain industries.
  8. Take time to find these types of forums and become involved. Ask questions, answer questions and interact with others because this is how you'll build trust.
  9. Some of the best sites to check out include Github and Reddit. Just make sure you are not spamming discussions with links right off the bat. Before sharing your own content, become part of the community.
  10. Use LinkedIn To find The Right People To Share Content With
  11. Ask your executives to set a schedule that involves sharing content on their personal social media profiles. The best place to do this is LinkedIn. This is because executives can have their own LinkedIn profiles and they can share content on a regular basis.
  12. Executives tend to have more credibility. This is why their link suggestions are taken more seriously by users. Ask your higher ups if you can share content regularly via their LinkedIn profiles.
  13. Reach Out To Influencers Or Authority Figures
  14. Use Twitter and Facebook to reach out to authorities in your industry. Instagram can be used too. What you can do is send a tweet to an authority and mention something they recently did, such as an article they published or a podcast. This shows you are taking an interest in your work and you could end up building rapport with them.
  15. As authorities begin to trust you, they willstart to interact with you and possibly share your content.
  16. Use Facebook Ads
  17. You should promote content via Facebook ads if you want to drive traffic. Spending just $40-$50 on a campaign can get your content in front of many people on Facebook. When you know who you want to target, you won't have to spend that much.
  18. Target users based on the industries they work in or via their interests. The more detailed you are, the more people will seeyour ad. This will lead to natural links being built and shared.
  19. Using social online profiles is a great way to build links. Sure, it might not be the quickest, but it is possibly the best.Give the above a try and before you know it, you'll generate quality traffic to your content.
  20. How to use Social Media to build links