Whovian News and Extras for Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall to visit Doctor Who set in July, some more contenders for the 12th Doctor, and more on the missing episodes rumour, plus more from YouTube etc...


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  2. DOCTOR: All the lights in the ship have gone out. The whole circuit has burned itself to a cinder, and added to that it affected the water. We haven't got any.
    IAN: Well, the water's no bother, Doctor. I mean, we've got snow, plenty of it. But how about the heating?
    DOCTOR: Oh, the heating as well. Everything's gone to pot.
    BARBARA: But that's serious. We could freeze to death.
    DOCTOR: Serious. Are you telling? There's no need for you to tell me that, really.
    IAN: I think I'd better try and find some fuel.
    DOCTOR: Fuel? Now where on earth do you expect to find fuel here, hmm?
    IAN: Well, I must try, mustn't I?
    DOCTOR: Oh well, I wish you luck.
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  8. Loose Women - David Harewood interview
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  13. John Hurt Doctor! Who?!
    John Hurt Doctor! Who?!