Whovian News and Extras for Thursday, 20 June 2013

New Doctor to be announced in the Autumn, a screen full of videos on WhoTube, Jenna drops Louise, what if the Doctor were Batman? plus more tid-bits from the Doctor Who universe...


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  2. DOCTOR: Hold it! Just a minute, I don't remember that.
    INQUISITOR: How could you remember? These events are in your future.
    DOCTOR: But, I reviewed that section earlier when I was preparing my defence. There have been changes. That isn't what happened. The girl, Melanie. Her information was important. I wouldn't have just ignored it. Completely uncharacteristic. And the words, misused, didn't even sound like mine.
    VALEYARD: What isn't completely uncharacteristic is this resort to excuses and subterfuge. To gloss over the death of Peri, the Doctor conveniently presents us with another companion.
    INQUISITOR: Hardly a convenience, Valeyard. These events are in the Doctor's future. He would not have met the young woman yet.
    VALEYARD: I stand corrected. But my assumption of why he has pursued such an arbitrary course in aborting this tale still remains.
    DOCTOR: Arbitrary course?
    INQUISITOR: Your assumption, Valeyard?
    VALEYARD: That she, too, is going to her death.
    DOCTOR: No! No, look, I'm sorry, madam, I can't explain, but I have a feeling I am being manipulated, that the evidence is being distorted.
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  4. The Doctor and Rose Tyler - Dr. Who
    The Doctor and Rose Tyler - Dr. Who
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