Whovian News and Extras for Thursday, 18 July 2013

Special edition comic for the 50th Aniversary, a bit of French cos play, arecreation of missing Doctor Who trailer, 10th Doctor's sonic TV remote available to pre-order, plus more reviews and extras....

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  2. DOCTOR: It's very well behaved, this place.
    ROSE: Mmm.
    DOCTOR: I thought there'd be happy slapping hoodies. Happy slapping hoodies with ASBOs. Happy slapping hoodies with ASBOs and ringtones. Huh? Huh? Oh, yeah. Don't tell me I don't fit in.
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  7. Doctor Who cosplay at Comic Con Paris - Doctor Who
  8. Colin Baker Doctor Who Interview on New Doctor
  9. Recreation of Missing Dr Who Trailer, 1963
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  11. The First Doctor, presenting the jailer with both a forged warrant and a bribe of four pennies, saved Rebecca Nurse from a jail in Salem Village, and led her into his TARDIS. (PROSE: The Witch Hunters)
  12. 1898 - Actor John Stuart was born.
    - Composer Barry Gray was born.
    - Writer Robert Sloman was born.
    - Actor Burt Kwouk was born.
    - Actor Dicken Ashworth was born.
    - Writer Paul Cornell was born.
    - Director and production assistant David Maloney died.
  13. UK TV Choice

  14. Blue Peter On: CBBC
    Date: Thursday 18th July 2013
    Time: 17:30 to 18:00
    Socks and Cookie the Cats, Friendship Bracelets and Dr Who.
    It's the finale of Barney's trombone challenge as he gets to play alongside the BBC national orchestra of Wales in a themed, Dr Who Prom. In the studio, we're getting ready for the summer holidays and showing you how to make ingenious friendship bracelets and wristbands from old lolly sticks and papier mache. The Blue Peter cats, Socks and Cookie are also making an appearance.

    Doctor Who On: Watch
    Date: Friday 19th July 2013
    Time: 08:00 to 09:00
    Army of Ghosts. Series 28, episode 12.
    David Tennant's Time Lord is here confronted with his two greatest enemies! The Doctor and Rose are trapped in the Torchwood Tower as Earth is invaded.
    Starring: David Tennant, Billie Piper, Camille Coduri, Noel Clarke

    The Sarah Jane Adventures On: CBBC
    Date: Friday 19th July 2013
    Time: 12:20 to 12:55
    The Vault of Secrets. Series 4, episode 2.
    The battle for the Vault reaches a showdown - with planet Earth at stake.
    Director: Joss Agnew
    Starring: Elisabeth Sladen, Tommy Knight, Daniel Anthony, Anjli Mohindra, Mina Anwar, Julian Bleach
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  16. In the Fog -- Doctor Who