Whovian News and Extras for Saturday, 27 July 2013

David Bradley talks about 'An Adventure in Time and Space', Moffat promises closure for storylines, Matt Smith on Craig Ferguson Show, plus the usual roundup of all the interesting Doctor Who ephemera from around the world...


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  2. IAN: But it was a police telephone box. I walked all around it. Barbara, you saw me.
    DOCTOR: You don't deserve any explanations. You pushed your way in here uninvited and unwelcome.
    BARBARA: I think we ought to leave.
    IAN: No, just a minute. I know this is absurd, but I feel
    (The Doctor is examining an ornate clock.)
    DOCTOR: Oh dear, dear, dear dear. This is very
    IAN: I walked all round it.
    DOCTOR: It's stopped again, you know, and I've tried hmm? Oh, you wouldn't understand.
    IAN: But I want to understand.
    DOCTOR: Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. By the way, Susan, I managed to find a replacement for that faulty filament. It's an amateur job, but I think it'll serve.
    IAN: It's an illusion. It must be.
    DOCTOR: What is he talking about now?
    SUSAN: What are you doing here?
    DOCTOR: You don't understand, so you find excuses. Illusions, indeed? You say you can't fit an enormous building into one of your smaller sitting rooms.
    IAN: No.
    DOCTOR: But you've discovered television, haven't you?
    IAN: Yes.
    DOCTOR: Then by showing an enormous building on your television screen, you can do what seemed impossible, couldn't you?
    IAN: Well, yes, but I still don't know
    DOCTOR: Not quite clear, is it. I can see by your face that you're not certain. You don't understand. And I knew you wouldn't. Never mind. Now then, which switch was it? No. No, no. Ah yes, that is it. The point is not whether you understand. What is going to happen to you, hmm? They'll tell everybody about the ship now.
    IAN: Ship?
    DOCTOR: Yes, yes, ship. This doesn't roll along on wheels, you know.
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  13. 27 July was notable for a number of highly varied events on Earth throughout its long history:

    1794 - Robespierre was shot in the jaw and arrested at a National Convention meeting in Paris. The First Doctor, tricking the jailer of Conciergerie Prison into thinking that "Lemaitre" was a traitor, got ahold of the keys to the dungeon and freed his grandaughter Susan. The Doctor, Susan, Barbara Wright and Ian Chesterton then left together in the TARDIS. (TV: "Prisoners of Conciergerie")
    - The Dutch artist Vincent van Gogh shot himself. (TV: Vincent and the Doctor)
    - The Fifth Doctor, Tegan Jovanka and Turlough met Edward Grainger near Mount Lishan in China. (PROSE: Falling from Xi'an)
    - The Olympic Games opened in London. Chloe Webber, under the influence of Isolus, drew the audience of the opening ceremony out of existence. Before she could draw the entire Earth as well, she was stopped by Rose Tyler, who threw the Isolus pod towards the Olympic torch. Isolus left Chloe. The Tenth Doctor then lit the Olympic Flame, and celebrated their victory with Rose. (TV: Fear Her)

    1925 - Actor Harry Towb was born.
    - Director Matthew Robinson was born.
    - Actor Graham Simpson was born.
    - Actor Nigel Plaskitt was born.
    - Actor Geoffrey Hughes died.
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