Whovian News and Extras for Monday, 17 June 2013

A bumper three day roundup of the best of Doctor Who on the net, including Christmas Special director revealed, the Queen honours Doctor Who stars, Matt Smith supports charity bike ride and much much more...

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  2. RORY: So I fell through a crack and now I was never born?
    DOCTOR: Basically.
    RORY: Well, how did I end up here?
    DOCTOR: I don't know, you shouldn't have. What happened? From your point of view, what physically happened?
    RORY: I was in the cave, with you and Amy. I was dying, and then I was just here, a Roman soldier. A proper Roman. Head full of Roman stuff. A whole other life, just here like I'd woken up from a dream. I started to think it was a dream, you and Amy and Leadworth. And then today, in the camp, the men were talking about the visitors. The girl with the red hair. I thought you'd come back for me. But she can't even remember me.
    DOCTOR: Oh, shut up.
    RORY: What...
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  4. The Doctor visits the land of Skyrim
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  8. Davros the great healer - Doctor Who - Revelation of the Daleks - BBC
  9. Graham Norton - Toby Stephens interview
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