Whovian News and Extras for Monday, 15 July 2013

Murray Gold interview, 50th Aniversary coin goes for a mint, why Matt isn't on Facebook, Doctor Who at the proms videos plus all the usual artwork and Whovian goodies...


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  2. DOCTOR: Lethbridge-Stewart? My dear fellow, how nice to see you again.
    MUNRO: He knows you, sir.
    BRIGADIER: But he can't do. Look here. Can you hear me? Who are you?
    DOCTOR: Don't you recognise me?
    BRIGADIER: I'm positive we've never met before.
    DOCTOR: Oh, dear. Oh, I can't have changed that much, surely? Oh, I must see what they've done to me. Can I borrow, can I borrow a mirror, please?
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