Whovian News and Extras for Friday, 14 June 2013

The Minister of Chance Sonic Movie series, Dominic Cooper and Neil Gaiman interviews, a TARDIS by the light of the Moon, fans audition as the Doctor, plus Doctor Who Museum exhibits on Ebay.

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  2. DOCTOR: This is what they call a compensator, my friend.
    ALYDON: Which is?
    DOCTOR: The whole of it. It's useless. Throw it away. Forget it. Unless you want to live in a shell like our dead friends.
    ALYDON: Where do you get your knowledge, Doctor? You know, there never seems to have been time to ask, but we don't really know where you come from, or why.
    DOCTOR: To rebuild a whole new world. How I envy you.
    ALYDON: But you must stay and help us. We could learn from you.
    DOCTOR: Oh, no, no. I'm afraid I'm much too old to be a pioneer. Although I was once amongst my own people.
    ALYDON: Well then, stay and advise us. Please.
    DOCTOR: No, no, thank you. We're much too far away from home, my granddaughter and I. Thank you all the same. It's a nice gesture on your part. You know, this soil is not quite so barren as you think. I've been making tests, and even you might live to see and hear the birds amongst the trees. You wanted advice you said. I never give it. Never. But I might just say this to you. Always search for truth. My truth is in the stars and yours is here.
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