Whovian News and Extras for Friday, 12 July 2013

Doctor Who at the Proms, Steven Moffat admits choosing next Doctor is 'terrifying', Doctor Who proves hottest ticket at BBC Proms, York Maze biggest Dalek image ever....


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  2. VICKI: What sort of people are they, Doctor?
    DOCTOR: Oh, I'm not sure, my child. You'll notice they're wearing Grecian costumes.
    VICKI: They don't seem to have noticed us.
    STEVEN: That's hardly surprising in the circumstances. Why do you suppose they're fighting?
    DOCTOR: I haven't the remotest idea, my boy. No doubt their reasons will be entirely adequate. Yes, I think I perhaps I'd better go and ask them where we are.
    VICKI: Doctor, be careful! They look terribly fierce.
    DOCTOR: Oh, what nonsense. If you take notice of them, I think they're doing more talking than they are fighting. I think I'd better go and ask them where we are.
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  4. River Song and the Doctor - Her Nights
    River Song and the Doctor - Her Nights
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