Whovian News and Extras for Friday, 20 December 2013

A round-up of all the best Whovian goodies from the world of Doctor Who....

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  2. The Time Of The Doctor - Christmas Special News

  3. The Time of the Doctor second trailer - Doctor Who Christmas Special 2013 - BBC
  4. Doctor Who: The Time of the Doctor - Preview Clip One - BBC One Christmas 2013
  5. DOCTOR WHO Christmas Special *Exclusive Extended BBC AMERICA Trailer* - The Time of The Doctor
  6. Strax Field Report: The Doctors - Doctor Who: The Time of the Doctor - BBC
  7. The 11th Doctor - Doctor Who - BBC One Christmas 2013
  8. Doctor Who Christmas Special The Time of the Doctor Tasha Lem Interview - Orla Brady
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  10. Series 8 Sonic Devices for Paternoster Gang - Blue Peter Winners Doctor Who
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