Whovian News and Extras for Saturday, 23 November 2013

Happy 50th Anniversary to Doctor Who and 'The Day of the Doctor' will be screened around the world today, today's WN&E has all the usual news, reviews and videos for your delight as we head into the start of another 50 years of TARDIS travelling.....#SaveTheDay

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  1. Today is… The Day of the Doctor! HAPPY 50TH BIRTHDAY #DOCTORWHO!
  2. 'The Day Of The Doctor' and 50th Anniversary News

  3. Steven Moffat on the Daleks - The Day of the Doctor - Doctor Who 50th Anniversary - BBC One
  4. Matt Smith on Doctor Who Return - Interview with Matt, Jenna Coleman, Steven Moffat
  5. Tennant & Smith in The Day of the Doctor Clip Doctor Who
  6. Ten Kisses the Queen The Day of the Doctor clip Doctor Who
  7. Exclusive! The Five Doctors -- Official Doctor Who 50th Celebration
  8. Kids audition for Doctor Who - The official Doctor Who 50th Celebration
  9. Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor - 50 Years BBC TV Trailer
  10. Dead Ringer for the Doctor -- Jon Culshaw -- official Doctor Who 50th Celebration
  11. The 5th and final clip has unlocked on the (now complete) digital TARDIS! And the Tenth Doctor gets a Royal seal of approval... Watch the clip and explore fantastic fan content here:  http://bit.ly/digitalTARDISfinalclip 
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