Whovian News and Extras for Wednesday, 20 November 2013

It's getting really exciting now, with only three days to go until 'The Day of the Doctor' hits our etheric beam locators (tv's), today's edition features more links than I can possibly list in this brief editorial, so read on, and beware you'll need quite a bit of free time to get through it all...


  1. 'The Day Of The Doctor' and 50th Aniversary News

  2. Doctor Who BBC News at Six Report on The Day of the Doctor
  3. Doctor Who Day of the Doctor Motorcycle clips
  4. David Tennant introduces The Day of the Doctor - Doctor Who 50th Anniversary - BBC One
  5. The Day of the Doctor clip
  6. SAT NOV 23 is the Biggest DOCTOR WHO Day EVER! - BBC AMERICA
  7. DOCTOR WHO 50th Live Pre-Show with VERONICA BELMONT: SAT Nov 23 @ 2:30pm ET
  8. 103 Doctor Who The Last Day Mini Epi
  9. Not in the name of The Doctor - Epic Finale to Series 7 - Doctor Who - BBC
  10. Two Doctors! Matt Smith and David Tennant on the Doctor Who 50th extravaganza
  11. The Day of the Doctor TARDIS trip clip Doctor Who
  12. 'An Adventure In Time And Space' News

  13. No bug-eyed monsters! - An Adventure in Space and Time - Doctor Who 50th Anniversary - BBC Two
  14. Whovian News