Whovian News and Extras for Wednesday, 13 November 2013

A roundup of all the best Whovian goodies from the world of Doctor Who, including more 'An Adventure In Time And Space' news....

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  1. Today's Featured Picture

  2. "I've had many faces, many lives... I don't admit to all of them, there's one life I've tried very hard to forget..." TEN DAYS TO GO!
  3. 'The Day Of The Doctor' and 50th Aniversary News

  4. Ident Interruption 2 - The Day of the Doctor - Doctor Who 50th Anniversary - BBC One
  5. The Day of the Doctor Radio Trailer Doctor Who
  6. 'An Adventure In Time And Space' News

  7. ~ Radio Times presenta otro pic exclusivo de "An Adventure in Space and Time" donde vemos a Jessica Raine y a David Bradley en el set de grabación ~
  8. ~ Los Zygons estarán de regreso para complicarles un poco las cosas a los Doctores en "The Day of the Doctor"~