Whovian News and Extras for Friday, 11 October 2013

A mega roundup of the fantastic news that nine 'missing episodes' of Doctor Who have been discovered and put out on iTunes, plus all the latest tidbits from around the web including a UK TV guide for Whovians and more stuff than BBC America can nick (without a mention) for their roundup :)

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  1. The Missing Episodes News....

  2. Phillip Morris on recovering missing Doctor Who - Doctor Who
  3. DWO Greeting - Frazer Hines & Deborah Watling
  4. The Enemy of the World: Trailer - Doctor Who - BBC
  5. Will the Doctor become Salamander? - Doctor Who - BBC
  6. The Doctor goes for a swim - Doctor Who - BBC
  7. Salamander's secret bunker *SPOILERS* - Doctor Who - BBC
  8. The Web of Fear: Trailer - Doctor Who - BBC
  9. The Doctor reactivates a Yeti Sphere - Doctor Who - BBC
  10. The Doctor defeats the Great Intelligence *SPOILERS* - Doctor Who - BBC