Whovian News and Extras for Friday the 28th September 2012

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  1. Whovian News and Extras

  2. Doctor Who: 'The Angels Take Manhattan' teaser two - Series 7 2012 Episode 5 - BBC One
  3. The three friends share some carefree moments in New York. What could possibly go wrong?
  4. The Angels Take Manhattan features the return of River and the Weeping Angels but the Ponds’ departure has ensured it’s become one of the most eagerly anticipated adventures ever. We caught up with the man who wrote the episode – Doctor Who’s Executive Producer and head writer, Steven Moffat, and quizzed him about what we have to look forward to…

    Question: What can you tell us about The Angels Take Manhattan?

    Steven Moffat: There will be tragedy and there will be Weeping Angels. It is a heart-breaking farewell to Amy and Rory. We see the Doctor and his little Amelia Pond race through the streets of Manhattan to save Rory with help along the way as River Song charges back on to our screens, just in time to say goodbye.

    Q: Why did you decide to set this episode in New York and to bring back the Weeping Angels?

    SM: There was something about the Weeping Angels and New York that just seemed to make sense to me. And I thought of the story for this episode while in New York. It’s always good to find a new form for them and we’ve got little cherubs this time. I had loads of ideas for the Weeping Angels on both the previous stories that I never got anywhere close to using, so it was good to find the opportunity.

    Q: We know to expect Amy and Rory's departure in this episode… why was it decided that this should be the time for them to go?

    SM: All stories have to end, and painful though that is, the most important thing about a story is how it finishes. I had over a year's warning to get this sorted out, and I'm very proud of what we've done. A fitting end to the mighty era of the Ponds!

    The Angels Take Manhattan is on BBC One, tomorrow (Saturday, 29th September) at 7.20pm.

  5. Karen Gillan Interview 9/27/2012 - CONAN on TBS
  6. Karen Gillan dared to wear red last night (September 27) for her appearance on Conan O’Brien‘s TBS chat show. And we’re all the better for it: she looked stunning. In a typically charming interview, in advance of her final episode (sob) of Doctor Who this Saturday, she taught Conan some Scottish phrases, spoke of being on friendly terms with the Loch Ness Monster, and, of course, compared ginger hair with her host.... (from BBC America)
  7. Doctor Who star Matt Smith has again confirmed that he has no immediate plans to leave the show.
    Last month, a tabloid report claimed that the 29-year-old was quitting the sci-fi drama, but Smith later spoke out to deny the claims, insisting that he is "not leaving any time soon".....
  8.  Arthur Darvill sounds upbeat. But he must be feeling a tinge of doubt, because what he’s saying is actually rather sad.
    “I’m done with it ... it’s gone for good.” These blunt words, as millions of people across the country will realise, refer to Doctor Who. Darvill’s not planning on ever returning to his role as Rory, husband to Karen Gillan’s Amy Pond. Not even in a cameo role. Gillan has also said as much, and they discussed their leaving together: “We all sat down and said that if we’re going to go, we are going to go properly” ...
  9. Ahead of the Ponds' farewell this Saturday in The Angels Take Manhattan, the cast and crew of Doctor Who have taken part in a series of video interviews, sharing some teasers as well as their emotional responses to Amy and Rory's departure.

    Showrunner Steven Moffat promises "Not everybody is going to get out alive," while executive producer Caro Skinner says "there will be tears"....

  10. A GROUP of students from South Devon had a summer break to remember when they visited the Dr Who experience in Cardiff and worked with some of the show's designers.

    The Dartmouth Academy Year 6 and 7 group took part in the Superhuman Summer School and had the time of their life.

  11. Do you love Sci-Fi? Cause you do! Your on this blog! Showmasters, one of my favourite convention organisers, are hosting “The Entertainment Media Show”: a celebration of science fiction and cult entertainment with a strong range of guests attending including the Doctor himself MATT SMITH, the entire cast of RED DWARF (which I can’t wait to see! I will be posting about it,) and many more amazing stars. Tickets are only £12 to enter and it’s taking place at the amazing Olympia London A WEEK ON SATURDAY!
  12. When Doctor Who returned under the pen of Russell T. Davies in 2005, no one expected any iconic monsters that could stand alongside the Daleks and the Cybermen to be introduced. Until The Weeping Angels proved us all wrong, that is. A brilliantly simple concept that scared us all to death, The Weeping Angels were an instant success, inspiring merchandise and topping polls. And this weekend, the Angels look to make another massive impact in Doctor Who history, possibly causing the departure of the Ponds in ‘The Angels Take Manhattan’. So let’s take a look back at the growth of the lonely assassins that had us keeping our eyes open ever since their debut....
  13. Digital Spy has an exclusive look at images from new Doctor Who book, A History of the Universe in 100 Objects.
    The hardback tome - written by James Goss and Steve Tribe - is described as "an indispensable guide to the most important items that have ever existed, or that are yet to exist".
  14. At long (far too long) last, I am happy to announce that the second volume of the book version of TARDIS Eruditorum is available....
  15. The unusual thing about Rory and Amy Pond in particular is they’re the only companions whose time with the Doctor appears to have been so lengthy they are able to normalise the lack of normality. And they don’t even realise they’re doing it; it takes the appearance of Rory’s dad Brian to remind all concerned that this is all remarkable. And that’s telling, because the key to the Ponds’ relationship to the Doctor is that he is a constant as they develop, something we’ve not seen him be before....