Doctor Who Weekly Roundup on Friday, January 06, 2017

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    Included in this week's edition: Doctor Who and Torchwood vie for audio award, The Return of Doctor Mysterio - Official Rating, Nicola Walker never wants to do Doctor Who on TV...
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  3. The Last of the Time Lords
    The Last of the Time Lords
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  5. Justin & Charity Interview - The Return of Doctor Mysterio - Doctor Who
  6. Doctor Who: "I'm The Doctor" - Series 10 Trailer
  7. Whovian Miscellany

  8. Doctor Who | Cybermen! The Steel That Kills | Babelcolour
  9. Doctor Who and The Daleks: Infiltrate and Kill
  10. Doctor Who: Series 10 - Trailer Breakdown
  11. Whovian Reviews

  12. DOCTOR WHO Rubbertoe Replicas 12th Doctor 2nd Sonic Screwdriver Review | Votesaxon07