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    Included in this edition: Cardiff's Doctor Who Experience will close next year, Anneke Wills would be 'frightened' to work on show now with Peter Capaldi, 5 times Daleks have broken our hearts...
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  5. Doctor Who Misinformation Guide Part 2 - by Babelcolour
  6. Power of the Daleks - Celebrating 50 Years

  7. The Power of the Daleks: The Doctor, Polly and Ben discover the Daleks
  8. Power of The Daleks: Anneke Wills shares memories of Patrick Troughton
  9. Power of The Daleks: Anneke's least favourite scenes to film
  10. Power of The Daleks: Anneke Wills talks about Patrick Troughton's first story
  11. Power of The Daleks: Frazer Hines shares best years with Patrick Troughton
  12. Doctor Who - The Power of the Daleks Animation - Fan Trailer
  13. The Power of the Daleks Trailer #3 - Doctor Who
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