Doctor Who Roundup on Wednesday, 19th April 2017

Included in this edition: The first Time Lord will be joining Capaldi for the Christmas special, Chris Chibnall bringing in 'entirely new writing team' for Season 11, plus more reviews, video's and other Whovian delights.


  1. Featured Image

  2. Whovian's Choice

  3. Doctor Who: NeonVisual Titles Remade
  4. How good is Doctor Who's TARDIS really? Instruments of Space & Time | Physics vs Film (and TV)
  5. Meanwhile back at the 'is he or isn't he the Doctor' debate
  6. The Pilot Roundup - continued

  7. 'The Pilot' Videos
  8. Bigger on the inside - The Pilot - Doctor Who: Series 10 Episode 1 - BBC One
  9. Doctor Who: How Heather became a monster - BBC One
  10. Doctor Who: Steven Moffat introduces Smile - BBC One
  11. 'The Pilot' Reviews