Doctor Who Roundup on Friday, 14th April 2017

Included in this edition: More series ten news, Pearl Mackie has arrived in the Whoniverse, and much more in the leadup to the new series, I'll be posting all the episode one goodies in the next edition (I'm not doing seperate episode round-up's this year, so all will be posted here).

  1. Featured Image

  2. A Box of the Bluest Blue
    A Box of the Bluest Blue
  3. Series Ten News

  4. 'The Pilot' Videos
  5. The Doctor & Bil's Relationship - Doctor Who: Series 10
  6. Doctor Who - New Exclusive Clip from Doctor Who Series 10, Episode 1 'The Pilot'
  7. 'The Pilot' Reviews
  8. 'The Pilot' Extras
  9. Peter Capaldi's leaving
  10. Peter Capaldi talks about his reasons for leaving Doctor Who - The Graham Norton Show 2017: Preview
  11. More series ten stuff
  12. #TimeForHeroes - Doctor Who: Series 10 (John Smith VFX)
  13. Steven Reveals Series 10 Monsters - Doctor Who: Series 10
  14. Doctor Who Series 10 - We All Need a Hero Like The Doctor
  15. Behind The Scenes at Doctor Who
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