Doctor Who Roundup on Wednesday, 12th April 2017

Included in this edition: An introduction and image gallery for episode one 'The Pilot', all the synpses and titles for series ten revealed, a photoshoot on the Thames, Steven Moffat drops hints about how Peter Capaldi will regenerate, plus much more....

  1. Featured Image

  2. Series Ten News

  3. 'The Pilot' Videos
  4. Introduction To Episode One "The Pilot" - Doctor Who: Series 10
  5. Doctor Who - Full Exclusive Clip from Series 10, Episode 1 'The Pilot'
  6. 'The Pilot' Image Files
  7. 'The Pilot' Extras
  8. Series 10 episode titles and synopses have been released courtesy of Steven Moffat
  9. In the rest of the series ten news...
  10. Matt and Pearl's TARDIS Tour - Doctor Who: Series 10
  11. Steven Moffat reveals why he brought John Simm's Master back to Doctor Who
  12. Whovian's Choice

  13. To celebrate the new series of Doctor Who Peter Capaldi (The Doctor) and Pearl Mackie (Bill) pose in front of the TARDIS by the River Thames in London, alongside a fantastic 3D pavement painting of a vast, deep and magnificent alien landscape (Artwork by 3D Joe & Max)
  14. Doctor Who - Creating the stunning 3D artwork for Doctor Who Series 10
  15. Steven Moffat on BBC Breakfast - interviewed with the 3D artwork
  16. Doctor Who - Interview with Steven Moffat on BBC Breakfast
  17. Steven Moffat on the Doctor's regeneration
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