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#WhyGP launch

The development, launch and first 48hrs of #whyGP and #TheBecauseProject


  1. The initial idea for this was for a video to boost recruitment; a response to the RCGP's video which while well meaning and well produced, just didn't connect at all with the younger students, F2s and trainees I spoke to. So the idea came for a video collecting together people saying short phrases to camera, answering the question 'why GP?'

    I emailed all trainees and trainers locally and the response was just amazing, the content so inspiring, that I had to make more of it. A word cloud from those initial responses:
  2. Joined twitter in June, resisted for years...time worries...looks like a great way to connect with people and influence/engage with debate.
  3. 9th July: I spoke at trainee conference in Sheffield and seeing how far tweets of some of my slides went I saw the appetite for more positive messages. Decided on a website and SM campaign around #whyGP
  4. Jul 24th: site finally finished. A few 'becauses' formatted for SM and ready to go. First blog from Amar Rughani is brilliant and perfect for launch. Next few blogs are lined up and ready to go. Will need to keep reaching out to contributors.

  5. Let's see if we can get this launched on twitter:

  6. Posted something on Facebook group 'resilient GP'...brave indeed, cowering from expected backlash! But thankfully, good response

  7. Twitter response great, some really helpful retweets from influential twiterrati. Trying not to bother people, but wanting message to spread. Happy with next 48hrs