10 Simple Yet Powerful Steps to The Amen Solution, by Dr Daniel G. Amen, Medical Director of The Amen Clinics

10 steps to being thinner, smarter, happier and younger. These are simple yet very powerful steps and our community is here for you. We’ll hold your hand through the process with our interactive tools and resources. Here are the steps and how we’ll help you be successful with them.


  1. 1. Boost Your Brain: The first step to getting smarter, happier, thinner, and younger is to boost the physical functioning of your brain. This is one of the most important and unique features of The Amen Solution. By strengthening your brain you will improve everything in your life. 

    We start with The Amen Solution Master Questionnaire so you can know your brain type. We also have questions geared toward your brain habits and show you how to improve them. We show you very clearly how to improve brain function by avoiding things that hurt it and engaging in regular brain healthy habits. Plus, there is a great 24/7 Brain Gym that assesses the health of your brain and gives you personalized exercises, in the form of fun games, to strengthen it. This is so much better than just doing crossword puzzles!


    2. Know Your Motivation: In order to lose weight and keep it off, you must have a burning desire to be healthy. Why do you care? 

    We will give you some very simple and specific interactive tools to help you clarify and pump up your motivation so you can achieve your goals. One of the most powerful yet simple exercises Dr. Amen has created is the One-Page Miracle. He calls it the One-Page “Miracle” because he has seen it quickly focus and change many people’s lives.


    3. Know Your Numbers: Did you know that having low levels of vitamin D has been associated with obesity, depression, and cognitive impairment? Or that having low thyroid levels can lower your self-control?

    We will show you which important health numbers you need to know, give you a place to store and track your numbers (it’s easier than you think!), and if they are out of whack give you ways to optimize them. This is often the missing link for people to get healthy. 


    4. Journaling: Journaling every day is one of the most important tools for success, and research shows that it DOUBLES weight loss in just 10 weeks. Our patients say that completing our daily journal is the one thing that makes the biggest difference in their success. 

    Our interactive Brain and Food Journals help you count your calories, track your brain healthy habits, and focus on what is motivating you to get healthy. You’ll also find helpful daily reminders so you don’t forget what you need to do to succeed.


    5. End Cravings: Cravings often sabotage your best efforts. Getting control of your cravings is one of the essential keys to lasting success.

    We’ll show you 9 secrets to get control of your cravings and give you the tools to help you do it.


    6. Eat Right to Think Right: Food is medicine and can help you be trim, vibrant, happy, and focused, or it can make you plump, sluggish, sad, and stupid.

    You’ll find hundreds of easy-to-prepare mouth-watering brain healthy recipes, a brain healthy shopping list, and a 2-Week Success Menu to help you get started. Plus, we’ll give you simple strategies to help you end emotional overeating. In addition, you will get help from our coaches, including Dr. Amen’s Wife Tana.


    7. Know My Brain Type: One size does NOT fit all. Knowing your brain type is the secret to finding the right solutions for 

    We’ll help you discover your brain type with our quick and simple questionnaire and give you a detailed and personalized Action Plan based on your answers.


    8. Supplements: Nutritional supplementation can enhance weight control, mood, focus, and memory. 

    Based on your answers on our questionnaire, you will discover which supplements are best for your brain type so you can start balancing your brain.


    9. End Emotional Overeating: There are better ways to deal with stress and emotional upheaval than with food. Getting a grip on your emotions can pave the way to healthier eating habits. 

    Whenever you feel mad, sad, nervous, or out of control, use one of our many very easy-to-use tools that will help you feel better fast, including going to our relaxation room, listening to the meditation or hypnosis audios and learning how to Kill the ANTs (automatic negative thoughts) and replace them with more life giving, hopeful thoughts.


    10. Overcome Barriers: Undoubtedly, you will face many obstacles in your journey to getting thinner, smarter, and happier. Planning how you will deal with them can help you stay on track.

    We’ll give you tips and tactics to stop other people from making you fat, stupid, and unhappy, and we’ll give you tools to help you plan for your obstacles.


    BONUS STEP. Influence Others: Be a good role model so you can influence your family, friends, coworkers, church members, and schoolmates to get healthy too. When they decide to get brain healthy too it increases your chances of long-term success. 


    Enjoy the Community!  I look forward to hearing about your success. - Dr. Amen

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