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  2. Julie's latest on Dog Spies - why funny is good science AND good for science:
  3. New Q&A session with Simon Gadbois, Julie Hecht and Mia Cobb from #SPARCS2014 released by the SPARCS Initiative:
  4. Interview with Simon Gadbois, PhD (#SPARCS2014 Day 2: Personality & Temperament)
  5. Loving the #thingspplsaytotheirdogs hashtag Alexandra Horowitz has launched (many more there, here's a sample):
  6. Next chapter of Dogs: Their Secret Lives comes out soon - revisit last year's installment about dogs left at home:
  7. Dogs: Their Secret Lives Channel 4 documentary 19 Oct. 2013
  8. Other interesting links:
  9. New blog posts out this week:
  10. Jump on Twitter and search #ABS2014 to catch thoughts from Animal Behavior Society annual meeting at Princeton:
  11. Want an excuse to visit the tropical east coast in Australia next year? You're welcome: