Pedro Plains Infant Department #HHJFSchoolBuild #DBSchoolBuild

Breds Treasure Beach Foundation, in partnership with the Donovan Bailey Foundation, Helping Hands Jamaica Foundation and Food For The Poor Jamaica, have extended Pedro Plains Basic School. In just 3 days, the team constructed a 6 room structure - 3 classrooms, bathroom, kitchen, sickbay.


  1. Morning Day 1 - June 20, 2016
  2. Thanks to George, the contractor, there were a lot of irie vibes. Old Jamaican reggae music on the speakers made the work even more fun.
  3. Big thanks to the Jakes Hotel team for all the support inside and outside of the hotel. Cold fruit smoothies on site to keep us energized.
  4. All while work continues...
  5. Once the children heard that Donovan Bailey was there all they wanted to do was race. A lot of negotiation took place :)