Building a connected company - The DigitalLife netWorkCamp 2017 #nwc17

How can a huge organization like Daimler get more connected? One of the top secrets certainly is an enthusiastic and smart crowd of people from all over the globe. As shows the DigitalLife netWorkCamp 2017 on Oct. 26/27 in Ludwigsburg, Germany.


  1. This is the recap of 2 days with 400 connected collaboration pioneers and 34 keynotes and workshops with inspiring internal and external speakers.
  2. We were discussing new ways of working and developing new ideas. And we shared the anticipation of a platform that will bring us all together and open a new door to internal collaboration and communication: the new Daimler Social Intranet.
  3. Other top topics besides #SocialIntranet #esn) were:
  4. and #NewWork.

  5. Thursday, October 26th 2017 early morning, in Ludwigsburg, Germany. We are excited...
  6. "Build your own netWorkCamp" is more than a slogan: We start everything in white and the location changes completely over the two days. Check out, how we leave our "footprints"...
  7. DigitalLife@Daimler (@DigitalLife_DAI) is the host and Lukas Fütterer (@lukizzl) & Patrick Schneider (@schiri) welcome the crowd from the main stage. netWorkCamp is an event organized by employees for employees.
  8. Harald Rudolph - Daimler's Head of Strategy - emphasizes the strategic importance of digital collaboration for Daimler. Sascha Pallenberg (@sascha_p) adds his his experiences with external Social Media and connects it to our internal Social Intranet.