Working Out Loud #WOL Company Practitioners MeetUp

March 27th, 2017: With the spring arriving in Stuttgart, 14 practitioners from Audi, BMW, Bosch, Continental, Daimler, Deutsche Bank, Deutsche Telekom and Siemens discussed the status & co-create on the future of Working Out Loud in big corporations together with John Stepper #WOL #DigitalLife


  1. After weeks of anticipation, it finally happened: Passionate people who really drive Working Out Loud in German corporations met in our HQ at Daimler in Stuttgart for a cross-company exchange: 14 practitioners from 8 companies plus John Stepper himself. We're extremely thankful, that you all made the effort to visit us in our DigitalLife@Daimler - office.
  2. Some words from John, Katha & Lukas and we started with personal introductions. Besides sharing a practice we care about and working on the same goal (making work better together), we don't see each other on a regular base. And for many of us, it was the first personal encounter in the offline world :)
  3. What is the status of Working out Loud at your place? One after another we shared openly the experiences we made with WOL in our company since the very beginning.
  4. Ilona, Jasper & Andreas from BMW
  5. Petra from Audi
  6. Petra told us, that Working out Loud started for her with being part of the famous cross-company #WOLdeluxe circle together with Katha, Sabine, Barbara & Lukas.
  7. Sabine & Bernd from Siemens