2nd WOL CoP MeetUp

Since our last #WorkingOutLoud Company Practitioners MeetUp in March ´17 much has happend. For an update between the participating companies Bosch, Audi, BMW, Bosch, Continental, Daimler, Deutsche Bank, Siemens and John Stepper met on 3rd July again to exchange about #WOL.


  1. The participants came from all over Germany and form New York City to Stuttgart for a whole day full of #WOL.
  2. Our 2nd MeetUp tooks place at the WIZEMANN Areal in Stuttgart, this time sponsored by @boschglobal and organized by @katha_pe - thanks again for this great location and well prepared day.
  3. After a short and personal introduction round each company presented their latest #WorkingOutLoud activities and highlights from the last months - very impressive!
  4. #EatingOutLoud is also always an important part of our meetups. Enjoying lunch and dinner together deepens our relationships much more than just work can do.