The Atlanta Braves did not win on Thursday

OK, they didn't play. An off day might be the only way to stop the Braves, who are on a 13-game win streak and open a three-game series today with the Miami Marlins -- the worst team in the National League. A sweep would give the team a new record in consecutive wins.


  1. When the streak started, the Braves were 57-45, nine games ahead of the Washington Nationals in the AL East. A comfortable lead, but maybe not comfortable enough. 
  2. They took three from the Cardinals, barely allowing an inch. 
  3. They scored 40 runs in four games against the Rockies.

    After a 10th-inning walk-off in game one, the rest of the series was one big blowout. This six-run inning? One of three in the series.
  4. July turned to August and the Braves went on an NL-East destruction tour, taking three from the Phillies in Philadelphia before setting their sights on the Nationals. 

    The sweep put them 15.5 games ahead in the division race. Quite comfortable, now.
  5. Aside from a record 16th straight victory that could be achieved this week, the Braves have one hurdle left to conquer. 

    After 13 wins, they still have a worse record than the Pittsburgh Pirates. 

    These Pittsburgh Pirates.
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