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Sworn affidavits from Armstrong's teammates

Nearly a dozen of Lance Armstrong's former United States Postal Service and Discovery Channel teammates have provided sworn testimony associating Armstrong, their teammates or themselves with doping. From the USADA documents, here are highlights of what Armstrong's teammates said.


  1. Frankie Andreu

  2. "On October 27, 1996 my then fiance, now wife Betsy, and I went to Indianapolis, Indiana to visit Lance Armstrong who was there at Indiana University Hospital for cancer treatment. We stayed until October 29.
  3. "At this time I considered Lance to be one of my closest friends. Betsy knew Lance fairly well from having attended cycling races where Lance and I were racing together. When Betsy visited me in Como, Italy we would frequently hang out with Lance at his house or go to dinner. A group of us gathered with Lance at the hospital and two men in white coats, presumably doctors, entered to talk with Lance and began asking questions. Those present in the room with Lance and the doctors were me and Betsy, Chris Carmichael and his then girlfriend now wife Paige, Lance's girlfriend at the time Lisa Shiels, and Stephanie McIlvain. 
  4. "I presumed the men asking questions were doctors and Betsy suggested we should leave the room so that Lance could have some privacy. However, Lance said that everyone should stay.
  5. "Among the questions asked by one of the doctors was whether Lance had used performance enhancing drugs. Lance responded that he had taken EPO, testosterone, growth hormone, cortisone and steroids.
  6. "Although I was not surprised to hear that Lance had been using performance enhancing drugs, I was surprised that Lance had confess his drug use in a room full of people." Andreu affidavit
  7. Michael Barry

  8. "My roommates were initially cautious and tried to shield their doping from me. For instance, when I first moved into the apartment, Christian (Vande Velde) would make up a reason to go to George Hincapie's apartment almost every night. He would claim that he had to go to George's in order to borrow something, but I suspected that he was making excuses for his frequent visits because he was not comfortable with me knowing about his doping activities. At some point that season I found vials of EPO, the banned oxygen booster, stored in a coffee bag in the apartment's refrigerator, as well as Geref.
  9. "As my roommates got more comfortable with me being around, they stopped hiding their activities from me. On one occasion I witnessed (redacted) purchase testosterone patches from the pharmacy. On another occasion I noticed Christian had chemical burn marks from testosterone patches on his body. 
  10. "From my previous experiences as an amateur, I knew that doping was much more prevalent in the European peloton. Still, it took me a while to get accustomed to the semi-open use of doping products in my presence." Barry affidavit.
  11. Tom Danielson

  12. "We returned to Girona, and I did some training rides with Lance. Lance seemed to be very familiar with all aspects of my training program. Lance brought up the subject of our out of competition drug testing and told me to be careful. He said that he felt there was going to be more targeted testing of team members that year and warned me to be careful." Danielson affidavit
  13. Tyler Hamilton

  14. "In May of 1999 I was in Nice at Lance and Kristen Armstrong's villa. My hematocrit was down, and I asked Lance if he had any EPO I could borrow. Lance directed me to the refrigerator where the EPO was next to the milk. I helped myself to a vial.
  15. "Like most of the riders Lance had a thermos to keep his EPO cool while traveling. I can recall his soigneur Emma O'Reilly getting ice for Lance's thermos." Hamilton affidavit
  16. ***
  17. "The EPO was smuggled to us by a French handyman and motorcycle enthusiast named (redacted) who followed the Tour on his motorcycle and made deliveries to Pepe or another Postal Service team staffer. We soon took to calling (redacted) 'Motoman.' "
  18. "(Redacted) also known as 'Motoman' is pictured in the three photographs attached to this affidavit as Attachments A." Photos
  19. George Hincapie

  20. "In 2003 Lance Armstrong contacted me about needing to do something private at my apartment in Girona because he had guests at his apartment. I agreed and Lance came to my apartment with Dr. del Moral. Lance and Dr. del Moral went into my bedroom and Dr. del Moral was carrying what I thought was a blood bag. He asked to borrow a coat hanger and Lance and Dr. del  Moral closed the door behind them. They were in the room about 45 minutes to an hour which is about the time it generally takes to re-infuse a bag of blood. I know from experience that when blood is re-infused a common practice is to tape the blood bag to a coat hanger on the wall to facilitate transfer of the blood into the vein. Although we did not discuss the incident, I believed that Dr. del Moral was re-infusing blood for Lance as Dr. del Moral had followed a similar procedure when re-infusing my blood on prior occasions." Hincapie affidavit