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McDonald's menu calorie count: Highest and lowest calorie meals

If the menu board at your McDonald's location looks a little different this week, that's because the fast food chain is now listing calories for every item. The calorie-listing menu boards launched at McDonald's locations nationwide on Monday, said a spokeswoman for the chain.


  1. With McDonald's chains starting to list calories on its menu boards this week, here's a peek at some of the highest and lowest calorie options for meal deals. 

    For perspective, the USDA gives these daily calorie intake recommendations:
    Women ages 31-50: 1800 calories
    Men ages 31-50: 2200 calories
    Children ages 4-8: 1200-1400 calories
  2. Highest calorie breakfast item

  3. Big Breakfast with Hotcakes
    Calories: 1150 large/1090 regular
  4. Highest Calorie Extra Value Meal

  5. Angus Bacon & Cheese
    Calories: 1380 for a medium-sized meal deal with fries and a Coca-Cola
  6. Highest calorie Happy Meal

  7. Cheeseburger Happy Meal
    Calories: 515 for meal including burger, fries, a milk and apple slices
  8. Lowest calorie breakfast meal

  9. Egg McMuffin meal
    Calories: 450 for the McMuffin, hash brown and a black coffee.
  10. Lowest calorie value meal

  11. Grilled Chicken classic meal deal
    Calories: 940 for a medium-sized meal with fries and a Coca Cola
  12. Lowest calorie Happy Meal

  13. Chicken McNuggets Happy Meal
    Calories: 405 for meal including fries, milk and apple slices
  14. Wondering what your favorite meal or menu item delivers in calories? Find calorie breakdowns for everything at McDonald's by using the full menu explorer.
  15. Calorie counts for a few non-McDonald's items

  16. Krispy Kreme doughnut
    Calories: 190 in each original glazed doughnut
  17. Snicker's bar
    Calories: 280 per bar