1. The Basics

  2. The American Red Cross and others have published a mountain of material aimed at helping people prepare for hurricanes and other severe weather. This video, with some simple preparedness tips, is a good place to start for people in the hurricane's path.
  3. The Red Cross also has a hurricane app that will help you prepare.

  4. Red Cross Hurricane App Can Help You Prepare
  5. Staying informed

  6. One of the main tips from the Red Cross is to stay informed, and the National Weather Service is a good place to start. In addition to posting news on its website, NWS is very active on Twitter.

    Follow the account: 
  7. Red Cross on Twitter | @RedCross

    Also a good account to follow for tips and information.
  8. FEMA on Twitter | @fema

    FEMA also has a lively Twitter Feed
  9. You'll probably be in front of your TV

    If you have power, The Weather Channel likely will be mesmerizing, as usual.