Deadliest and costliest hurricanes in US history

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  2. Hurricane Sandy already has taken a toll on human life and soon will leave her final mark on history. Here's a look at the five deadliest and three costliest storms preceding Sandy across the United States.
  3. Great Galveston Hurricane

  4. Year: 1900
    Category:Deaths: 8,000-12,000
  5. This hurricane arrived in September 1900 with winds of 130 to 140 miles per hour and a storm surge that caught residents by surprise by scaling more than 15 feet. It left at least 8,000 people dead and 3,600 buildings destroyed. In today's dollars, its damage would amount to approximately $700 million. The Galveston hurricane continues to hold its place as the deadliest natural disaster in America's history.
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  7. Okeechobee Hurricane

  8. Year: 1928
    Category: 4 Deaths: 2,500-3,000
  9. In September 1928, this storm formed off the coast of Africa and barreled across the Atlantic hitting Guadalupe, the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico before reaching south Florida. The greatest loss of life was around Lake Okeechobee, where mostly non-white migrant farm workers drowned as water spread over an area approximately 6 miles deep and 75 miles long.
  10. Hurricane Katrina

  11. Year: 2005
    Category:Deaths: 1,500+
  12. Katrina devastated the Gulf states in August 2005 with 125 mile per hour winds during landfall. State officials in Louisiana were criticized for failing to address a weak levee system in New Orleans and federal officials were blasted for aid response in the aftermath. Katrina left five to 15 inches of rainfall in parts of southeast Florida.
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