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Cincinnati Reds' Homer Bailey no-hits Giants

Cincinnati's starting pitcher had not allowed a baserunner through six innings, and after allowing a walk in the seventh to ruin the perfect game, he bore down and finished off the no-hit effort.


  1. Homer Bailey No Hitter' Gianst 0-3 Reds Game On Tuesday 2nd July 2013
  2. The Cincinnati Reds' Homer Bailey, pitching at home against the San Francisco Giants, threw a no-hitter in a 3-0 Reds win. Tim Lincecum pitched well for San Francisco as well until giving up a two-run homer to Brandon Phillips in the bottom of the sixth and coming out of the game. Here's the box score and here's how the last three innings played out:
  3. Homer Bailey: perfect through six. Reds up 1-0. @ Great American Ball Park
    Homer Bailey: perfect through six. Reds up 1-0. @ Great American Ball Park If10/
  4. In the seventh, after making the last out of the Reds' half of the sixth, Bailey faced the top of the Giants' order: Gregor Blanco, Marco Scutaro and Buster Posey.
  5. Blanco gets ahead 3-1, then fouls off a pitch and draws ball four, the first baserunner of the night for the Giants. 
  6. Scutaro hits a chopper to third; the play is to first to retire Scutaro, with Blanco taking second. 
  7. Posey hits a ground ball wide of first; first baseman Joey Votto throws to third with Bailey late getting over to cover, so he gets Blanco instead on a fielder's choice, preserving the no-hitter, as Posey would have beaten any play to first. Pablo Sandoval now up. 
  8. Sandoval works the count full and then chases a high fastball. Side retired. 
  9. Bailey heads back to the mound for the top of the eighth; he'll face Hunter Pence, Brandon Belt and Andres Torres. 
  10. Pence pops out to shortstop. Five outs away. Bailey has thrown 93 pitches. 
  11. Belt flies to right on the first pitch. Four outs away. 
  12. Torres flies to center on a 1-0 pitch. Three outs away. 
  13. Here is video of Bailey's no-hitter last September: