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Funding #Nemo: How Twitter cashed in on a hashtag

Yes, Nemo is just a marketing ploy for the blizzard hitting the Northeast. But that's why it can't be defeated.


  1. The blizzard slamming the Northeast is not really named Nemo. Only the National Weather Service names storms, and it doesn't do that for snowstorms. 
  2. But the Weather Channel, a private company, has been naming storms this winter as a promotional tool. It's not surprising, then, that Nemo — and it's hashtag on Twitter #Nemo — is being used for all kinds of marketing.
  3. It started Wednesday, when the Weather Channel started promoting the name:
  4. The National Weather Service pointedly refused to follow suit.
  5. But politicians weren't so hesitant. They used the name while making sure their constituents knew how hard they were working.
  6. Neither were celebrities, especially two of the stars of the Pixar movie "Finding Nemo."
  7. And online news media, which pay close attention to what is trending on Twitter, went with it.
  8. So did some media outlets you might not expect to cover a snowstorm.
  9. Businesses that could be boosted by the storm saw an opportunity too.
  10. Even when their connection to the snowstorm might be more tenuous.