1. Conceding the Democratic primary in 2010

  2. Arlen Specter: Great privilege to serve
  3. "Specter was Pennsylvania's longest-serving senator when Democrats picked then-U.S. Rep. Joe Sestak over him in the 2010 primary, despite Specter's endorsements by President Barack Obama and other Democratic leaders." — AP
  4. Switching parties

  5. Senator Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania Welcomed to the Democratic Party (2009)
  6. "Specter startled fellow senators in April 2009 when he announced he was switching to the Democratic side, saying he found himself 'increasingly at odds with the Republican philosophy.' Earlier in the year, he had been one of only three Republicans in Congress — and the only one facing re-election in 2010 — who voted for President Barack Obama's economic stimulus bill." — AP
  7. Questioning Anita Hill

  8. Arlen Specter Interrogates Anita Hill
  9. "Specter was criticized by liberals for his tough questioning of Anita Hill at Clarence Thomas' Supreme Court nomination hearings and for accusing her of committing "flat-out perjury." The nationally televised interrogation incensed women's groups and nearly cost him his seat in 1992." — AP